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Hinoto's seiyuu, or voice actress, is Hisakawa Aya. She was born in Kaizuka, Osaka on November 12th, 1968 with blood type A. She is currently working for Aoni Production and has done numerous other anime roles from the most popular anime series. Some of her recognized roles are Skuld in Ah! My Goddess, Kerberos in CardCaptor Sakura, Mizuno Ami/Sailor Mercury in Sailor Moon, Kaoru Miki in Shoujo Kakumei Utena, and Urt from Outlaw Star. She is both Lem Sayblam and Rem in Trigun as well as Souma Yuki in Fruits Basket, Mano Yohko in Devil Hunter Yohko, Taata in Magic Knights Rayearth, Suzuki Arimi in Marmalade Boy, and Chloe in Noir.

Her role as Hinoto is very well done. She manages to make Hinoto look and sound very fragile and weak, which is very deceiving. Her *evil* Hinoto voice is nicely done as well. XD Her other roles are also spectacular, I adore Sailor Mercury and I love Miki and Souma Yuki (the two share many similar traits). *_* Kero sounds incredibly cute as well, Aya's certainly done a wonderful job in all of her roles. :D

Hinoto's seiyuu in the X movie is Minaguchi Yuko. She was born in Tokyo on June 26th, 1966. Her actual name is Minaguchi Tomoko, has blood type A, and is also currently working for Aoni Production. She can be recognized most as the voice of Tomoe Hotaru/Sailor Saturn and Mistress Nine in Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. She is also the voice of Kinomoto Nadeshiko in CardCaptor Sakura and Biideru Satan and Pan in Dragonball Z.

Yuko hasn't done any major roles other than the three listed above. I love Hotaru's voice in BSSM, she sounds so sweet and innocent.^.^ The X movie was generally nothing compared to the series in terms of quality, but Hinoto's voice is as soothing as ever.

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