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In X, there are 22 tarot cards that have various characters on them. These cards represent many aspects of characters. In the following paragraphs, I shall attempt to explain my interpretation of Hinoto's tarot card.

Hinoto's tarot card is called "The High Priestess." The card shows Hinoto standing in a pool of water, holding a lengthy scroll. Hinoto's presence on this particular card can be attributed to her high status as a powerful dreamgazer. Not only was she granted with the power to perceive the future, she never falters despite her inability to see, walk, speak or hear. Instead she utilizes the power of telepathy to such a level that Sorata was amazed at her method of communication. The pool of water represents the aura that Hinoto gives off. Kamui mentioned that Hinoto always seems like water or air, transparent and weak. Water also represents serenity, and Hinoto is always calm and collected. The long scroll she's holding can be interpreted as a great amount of knowledge. After all, Hinoto is probably the most knowledgeable one in the entire series. Kanoe only knows about the future, the two Kamui's and the two Holy Swords because she saw Hinoto's dreams. The scroll represents the knowledge and wisdom that Hinoto possesses. There are also 2 pillars on either side of her, one black and one white. This, as well as the faint Ying-Yang symbol right above her head, can symbolize the good and bad forces within her. The High Priestess balances out the 2 pillars and the Ying and Yang. Or, one could say that she's torn between the two forces.

Oi, that was my interpretation of the card. Now, The High Priestess in the 22 major arcana of a tarot deck (every deck has them) is associated with intuitiveness, understanding, wisdom, mystery, psychic ability, receptiveness, and the heavenly feminine. It's also associated with emotional insecurity, secretiveness, hidden obstacles or opponents. Obviously, Hinoto has all of these traits. She's always understanding, she possesses great wisdom and psychic ability. Mysterious is one of her less prominent but more significant traits. You don't see the secretiveness until the latter episodes. However, on the outside, she is receptive, if not a bit unstable emotionally. These traits definitely sum Hinoto up in a nutshell.

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